Applying Design Strategy to Your Life

These 3 concentric circles represent a foundational framework that designers of all types use to guide the strategic design process.
  • User Desirability: Empathize with a group of customers and engage them directly in the process of designing something that meets those needs in new and valuable ways.
  • Technical Feasibility: Assess the organization’s capacity/ability to deliver the products or services as demand grows.
  • Financial Viability: Project the profitability over-time to ensure that it will be make money within a reasonable timeframe and/or help the organization grow in a desired direction.
The titles of each concentric circle are different, but their respective meaning is the same.
  • Fulfillment (Desirability): Identify your unique definition of fulfillment and your core values. Use them as the constraints within which a kaleidoscope of fulfilling possibilities could be explored.
  • Sustainability (Feasibility): Bring awareness to your boundaries and what fuels vs. drains your energy. Become more intentional about how you spend your energy, while fostering balance in your life.
  • Conscious Growth (Viability): Set a target for what you want to achieve and/or who you want to be, and then design your choices, actions, perspectives, environments, and behaviors in ways that yield the most progress towards your target.


Test & Learn

Creative Problem-Solving

Blending Design Strategy Into My Coaching Process

We identified the client’s different ‘parts’ (aka perspectives) that are activated when she things about taking the leap to start her business and potentially leave her full-time job.



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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Coach + Design Strategist— I partner with people to design their lives and careers to be more fulfilling, sustainable, and intentional. |